Listen to Your Gut

Well hello! I just looked back at my last post, and it was over 3 and a half weeks ago. Yikes!

I do have a lot to share with you today! First of all, I am 31 weeks pregnant today which is a huge milestone. He is mostly formed. Now, we just need to fatten him up! He is moving around like crazy which has been, by far, my favorite part of being pregnant. I totally freak out when I haven’t felt him for a while. A little food usually gets him going. Tyler and I are getting really excited to meet him and are wondering who he will look like. I have heard that a lot of baby boys look like one of their grandpas…we will see! I have been lucky in that my pregnancy has been pretty easy. I attribute it to keeping up with my usual lifestyle habits including eating healthy, whole, foods, incorporating some sort of movement into my day, and staying hydrated. I drink soooo much water! Hello having to go to the bathroom all the time! I just feel like we both need it. I am hoping these things will make for an easy last two months and smooth delivery. I am crossing my fingers! My shower is actually next weekend which I am really looking forward to!  All of my favorite women in one room (well most of them…I will miss my sisters :)).


One thing that has been so freeing during this pregnancy is that I have really learned how to listen to my gut. My gut has been telling me that a little whole fat, organic, Greek yogurt is not a bad thing. Before getting pregnant, I basically avoided dairy (with the exception of ice cream) and gluten. Now, I am eating some yogurt and Ezekial bread. I feel good, so I am going with it. I might eliminate them after our little guy gets here, but, for now, they are working for me. They both make me feel satiated which is very important right now. I want to feel nourished and satisfied. Interestingly enough, I just read a blog post today from one of my favorite health and wellness gurus, Kimberly Snyder, on how to be a breast milk queen. She is not an advocate of dairy at all, so now my wheels are turning a little bit because her case is legit. But, I am going to continue to go within and listen to my body’s needs.

Speaking of my body’s needs, I have been experimenting with tempeh stir-frys thanks to some inspiring Instagram posts from Kimberly Snyder. I am not a huge fan of soy especially processed soy, but I do enjoy fermented soy like tempeh.


Again, my gut is telling me to stay away from soymilk and other soy-based products. They tend to be genetically modified, and I am still unsure as to whether or not it mimics estrogen in our bodies.

Today, I made a really yummy stir-fry with tempeh, coconut oil, and tamari. I added bok choy (loaded with calcium), carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, and red onions. Of course, I had it with half an avocado (probably my favorite food). It was very satisfying! I might make it again tomorrow. I have been eating a lot of eggs for lunch, and I am thinking it is time to bring something else into the rotation that is plant-based but loaded with protein.


That’s all I have for now! My next project is to find yummy energy ball/bar and veggie burger recipes. I want to make a bunch and freeze them so I have them at the ready when I am breastfeeding. I hear you get pretty hungry! If you have some recipes that you love, please post them below!

Have a great weekend!




Recipes of the Moment

Hello! It has been a while! I promised myself that I would not let this blog stress me out, and, instead, energize me. Today, I felt the need to share!

Life has been busy, relaxing, busy, and then relaxing. We seem to have days where we are super busy doing stuff for our little guy and the house, and then there are days where we binge watch our shows on Netflix and kind of do and think about nothing. It’s been a nice balance. I would definitely say we are nesting though. Tyler has been amazing! He might be nesting more than me.:)

Speaking of our little guy, I start my third trimester next Wednesday. I honestly can’t believe it! This. Is. Happening! To be honest, I am getting nervous, but I am also so excited to meet him.

As for what I have been eating lately, well, I have been craving really satisfying meals and snacks. There are two things that I have been making…a lot. Both leave me and Tyler feeling very satisfied. They are both filled with nutrients but don’t weigh us down.

The first thing I have been making is a peanut butter banana chocolate smoothie in the afternoon. The stretch between lunch and dinner is waaaaay to long for this mama.


1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 heaping spoon of peanut butter, 1 tablespoon cacao, a handful of ice, and topped with Purely Elizabeth granola (sometimes I add a scoop of Vega’s Vanilla Protein Smoothie and a handful of spinach)

Our other favorite weekend lunch is this amazing Spicy Avocado and Chickpea Salad Sandwich from Vegan Richa. I serve it as an open faced sandwich on gluten free bread.


Look at all of those plants!

We are headed out to buy a rug for our room (finally), and tomorrow we are going to a childbirth class. Eek! I’m a little scared about what we are going to learn, but I guess that is why they offer classes. Might as well be as prepared as possible.

Have a great weekend!

What’s your favorite meal or snack right now?