Are you getting any sleep?

 “Are you getting any sleep?” This is the the number one question I get asked as a new mom. For a good month and a half, I would answer (with great pride), “Yes, Henry is actually sleeping through the night!” Then, they would tell me how lucky we are that he is sleeping through the night. What I didn’t tell them was that he was not the best napper. Tyler and I both agreed, though, that we would take restful nights over (sometimes) napless days.

“Hi Mom. I am ready to get up (even though I only slept for 30 minutes). Aren’t you impressed with how I turned my body?”


As with everything with a baby, the tides changed, and our sweet boy stopped sleeping through the night, AND he was not napping. Oh no. This was not okay. We knew what it felt like to sleep through the night, and we knew he could do it. It was time to get serious, and, most importantly, be consistent with whatever we decided to do. I talked to as many new moms as I could to see what they were doing because babies and parents need sleep!

Before I jump into what we are trying right now, I wanted to say that these are things that are resonating with us and what we think will work for Henry. Every parent has to figure out what works for them and their baby/babies.

So…after talking to 5 or 6 moms, I realized that we had not been giving him enough time to self-soothe (especially at night), it was time for him to transition to his room at night (he had been napping in there for over a month), and he needed more to eat before he went to bed. The last thing we did which I swore I was never going to do was buy a sound machine. Every new mom I talked to swears by them. To quote my best friend, “There are worse sleep props out there.” Very true. Actually, one of my new mom friends said that there was a study done showing that sound machines help babies/people sleep deeper. Anyway, I caved.

Thursday night was a big night around here. Henry slept in his own bed, and everyone did well except for me! I think I looked at the monitor no less than 20 times. Tyler, of course, slept great. Henry woke up twice, and I never went in his room. He cried for 10-15 minutes and put himself back to sleep both times. WHAT??? My child? You mean he didn’t need to nurse to fall back asleep? For the past 2 weeks, he would only nurse for 3 minutes or so and fall back asleep, so I knew he wasn’t hungry. Needless to say, Thursday night was a game changer. He is sleeping around 11 hours at night and taking (somewhat) better naps. I know naps will get better with time. For now, we are all resting better at night.

Tyler fills him up with the good stuff while I pump…


Henry’s sleep habits consumed my every thought for a good two weeks. I feel so much better having a plan.

Life sure has changed, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Henry brings us so much joy. His little personality is really starting to come out. Fun times ahead!

Happy FALL from our little pumpkin!


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