A Year of Firsts

Hello on this gloomy Monday afternoon! It has been raining since yesterday, and, to be honest, I kind of like it.We haven’t had rain in forever, and it is a good excuse to stay in and give Henry extra hugs and kisses. πŸ™‚

Speaking of Henry, since he was born in May, we have experienced many “firsts” with our sweet little man. The most exciting and fun first has been Christmas. He LOVES the lights on our Christmas tree and up our banister. We bought him a sweet little stocking with an “H” on it which his Nana says is too small and she has a bigger one for him at her house. We will get in a bigger one next year. This was just too cute to pass up.


I also got the idea from a friend to put Henry’s hospital hat, wristband, and our wristbands in an ornament. I am glad I saved everything!


We have also dived headfirst into the land of eating solid food! Henry actually practices the act of chewing even when he is not eating. We are going to need to teach him how to chew with his mouth closed at some point, but, for now, he seems to be taking to this new skill. So far we have tried oatmeal and sweet potatoes. Next up, carrots, butternut squash, peas, greens beans, avocado, and then fruit. I made my own butternut squash puree today. Very fun! I am already looking forward to the mashable solids phase! I am following Rachel’s Food Before One field guide from CanDo Kiddo. To say this has been helpful is an understatement!



Henry also experienced his first shopping trip to IKEA to buy the white Kallax shelf below. We can’t stand clutter, and I needed a system for organizing his stuff. I got the idea, of course, from CanDo Kiddo.

“I’ve got everything I need to go to IKEA, Mom.”

Lastly, Tyler and I used to go to The Family Dog every Sunday for about a year before we found out we were pregnant. Tyler gets a beer, and I get a glass of wine. It is a nice way to head into the week. I am still nursing, so I usually have to pump and dump depending on how generous the bartender is feeling. Below is a picture of my boys from last night. They adore each other.


Speaking of nursing, I thought I was going to start the weaning process at 6 months. Well, it is still working, so we are going to continue on. I am so grateful that I have been able to nurse for this long. At most, I would go to a year which is a very short amount of time in the grand skeem of things. We will see…

The next big first for us will be flying over Christmas. Wish us luck!

I wish you a very healthy and happy holiday season! Take time to slow down and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

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